The Integral U Methodology

While there are many references to Integral leadership and Integral coaching in the world, our lineage evolves from the ground-breaking work and theory of modern-day philosopher, Ken Wilber, whose work brilliantly brought into a framework a composite of human experience through our stages of growth and development.   

Dr Paddy Pampallis, CEO of TCC, has developed the Integral U Iceberg (R) process building on Ken Wilber's work and African philosophy.  This represents a deep dive into understanding self, others, systems, culture and context.  

The U process also presents a visual image for a container, which allows for the birthing of the creative, transformational self through Integral practice.  

What is needed currently is that leaders can surface the mind traps holding them to old ways of thinking and access wider and more expansive ways to consider the multiple factors at play: and do this is an accessible way.  

This capacity is cultivated to meet the future and manage the present with skill.  Our unique methodology of Integral U Practice™ and the way in which we craft this to your organisational needs, provides a powerful platform for vertical and horizontal development in all fields of organisational, leadership and personal life and activity.

This methodology enables and brings to the foreground:  •The understanding that while diversity in wholeness is generative, divisiveness and forced separations lead to breakdown, isolation, and abuse of resources both human and environmental. 

•The inclusion of Ubuntu (its wisdom approach of being and becoming which has been lost in the world) supports the inclusion of both the individual and the collective relating to teams, organisational parts, and society. 

•The engagement in #doinghumanbetter (Integral African Conference 2019) provides a powerful map to identify the exact acupuncture points that identify what is not working while creating an accessible pathway towards regeneration and flourishing to what works through both short, medium and long-term views.  The use of developmental pathways of U-theory is applied to personal and collective transformation.  

•We include conventional performance and skills enhancement, to working with deep change through truly transformative practice, resulting not only in a head knowing and unconscious skill, but supporting the growth of independent, and importantly, inter-dependent thinking and collaboration at levels of possibility. 

•We live in exceptional times with many pressures, reaching our outer goals is no longer possible without attending to the inner development goals of growing maturity. This holds the many theories of human experience in its physical, biological, behavioural, psychological, social and environmental dimensions and as such can be applied to leadership and adult development across business, education, health and spiritual dimensions.